The services of TANNER Vietnam at a glance
At many points, information processes within and between companies can be managed only by automated solutions. Systems and software tools are available for this, and our staff of more than 30 years integrators and software developers in Germany and Vietnam are familiar with them. This allows our clients to structure information, record it effectively and make it available via our media to the various users in combinations which create added values.

Mobile Applications

  • Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones offer a multitude of different possibilities for accessing, utilizing and handling business-related information in a B2B environment. Valuable scenarios for mobile applications can also be used for sales and service support as well as product marketing and brand communication in addition to user support if required or desired.

    Out services:

    • Thanks to our project experience in implementing applications for mobile devices, the vivid representation of results with the help of prototype techniques (e.g. mock-ups, template pages and simulations) and in "behind the scenes" looks in comparable situations, we can formulate specific scenarios for both internal and external customers and select the most appropriate alternatives for you which are closest to actual real situations.
    • We develop the most important requirements, measurable acceptance criteria and framework characteristics in conjunction with you in order to develop targeted mobile applications based on your current situation.
    • Thanks to our software programmers, system architects, multimedia designers and writers, we can provide support for the entire mobile application development process from the initial concept to the design, programming and tracking phases.
    • We support the distribution of the application and content based on your requirements onto the different mobile devices - whether as a mobile app, web app or mobile website or whether in ePub, iBook or classic PDF format.
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