The services of TANNER Vietnam at a glance
At many points, information processes within and between companies can be managed only by automated solutions. Systems and software tools are available for this, and our staff of more than 30 years integrators and software developers in Germany and Vietnam are familiar with them. This allows our clients to structure information, record it effectively and make it available via our media to the various users in combinations which create added values.

IT consultation and IT concepts

  • There are always different options for managing technical information and documents which depend on each individual case. These options can increase the economic, time or qualitative potential in the company with the help of IT support. Thanks to our cross-sectional competence based on content and editing expertise, process experience and systems knowledge, we can provide support via our IT consultation services in order to answer the following issues:

    • Are you looking to optimise your existing editing processes? Do you need to react to increased demands for managing and delivering your content?
    • Are you certain that you can solve issues with your current methods and IT processes, but are not sure of the exact consequences or how to implement changes?
    • Have you read a lot about basic approaches and possibilities for improving editing processes and results but cannot see how they apply to your specific issue?
    • Do your users and internal customers complain that they cannot find the relevant information they’re looking for or the content you provide them is difficult to understand, incomplete or out of date?
    • What affect will current trends (e.g. increased use of mobile devices, big data, etc.) have on your content and processes? Are the new opportunities relevant to your sector and how can you make them useful to you?
    • Are you aware that you need to act now, but are worried there is a high risk the possible improvements might not come to pass or the costs are unclear?
    Our Services:
    • We only provide advice to our customers in areas where we ourselves have expertise and experience in project realisation. As a result we can offer you and your company solutions which can be implemented rapidly.
    • We provide support in ascertaining which results and content your target groups require, which scenarios need to be achieved when making use of your content and results and which industrial "best practices" have been used in similar scenarios. Where necessary, we can provide this information for you in detail in specifications sheets and customer requirements. This gives you the security of recognising established methods that have already been implemented in existing IT tools early on in the process.
    • We help you evaluate and specify the possible effects of optimisation of your information delivery and use based on our specific experience in the measurable evaluation of information processes and the vivid representation of results with the help of prototype techniques (e.g. mock-ups, template pages and simulations) and in "behind the scenes" looks. This ensures you and your stakeholders have a clear view of possible solutions and so creates a high degree of acceptance for change management in your project right from an early stage.
    • We provide support for you to understand the effects of current trends on your results and on how your content is used. This is an important contribution to future-proof concepts and systems.We provide support to evaluate your existing processes and issues in an understandable manner and to identify realistic, measurable criteria which can be used as a basis upon which to make decisions regarding any need for action on your part. With the help of such measurable criteria you can be sure to guarantee continued success in subsequent stages of the project.
    • We work together with you to come up with implementation strategies and to convert these into specific solution scenarios. Depending on the requirements, these can be modelled as an initial prototype and then expanded step by step. At each step we will evaluate the effect the process is having on the issues and work together to specify how to continue. This means you can always be rest assured the solutions will always be tailor-made to address the issues and will achieve high levels of acceptance and understanding of the strategy.
    • We provide consultants with experience in both writing and project implementation. This ensures you only implement practical solutions and high levels of acceptance.
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