The services of TANNER Vietnam at a glance
At many points, information processes within and between companies can be managed only by automated solutions. Systems and software tools are available for this, and our staff of more than 30 years integrators and software developers in Germany and Vietnam are familiar with them. This allows our clients to structure information, record it effectively and make it available via our media to the various users in combinations which create added values.

Editorial systems / Content management systems (CMS)

  • Are you looking to optimise your technical documentation by implementing an editing system or content management system (CMS)? Do you know what your requirements are but are unsure which is the right system for you and are therefore looking for a reliable partner to provide support during the whole system roll-out-right from the planning stage to support during operations once the system has been successfully implemented?
    An editing system does not manage documents, it handles individual information blocks, e.g. in XML format, based on standardised guidelines for the author. These information blocks, which might consist of descriptions, processes or error messages, can be reused and modified effectively - in all the required languages and in any format.

    We provide support during the planning, roll-out and operation stages of systems. To do so, we rely on established standard systems which we select together with you. Working together with us you will benefit from our experience in implementing different editing systems and also our background in writing with a wide range of different systems.

    Depending on your requirements, we can help you adapt your processes to the systems, or to adapt the systems to your processes.

    Our process:
    • We analyze your existent documentation process and support you in modularizing your documentation based on established methods and processes. Our technical writers have systems experience and know the requirements for information structures arising from editing systems.
    • We survey your functional and organizational job specifications under consideration of your strategic objectives. With this requirements specification, system selection based on verifiable criteria can be executed.
    • As the overall project leader, we take care of the on-time installation and configuration of the system, the creation of the publication layout, the programming of interfaces and additional functions. As a result, we take on the responsibility of the complexity of rolling out such systems.
    • Following the final test, the content management system can be integrated in your IT infrastructure "ready to use". As an alternative, we can provide it to you as "SaaS" (software as a service). We then assume operation and see to ongoing monitoring and smooth support. Editing guidelines are created by technical editors with experience in systems.
    • We prepare editorial guidelines and describe all business processes necessary for successful work with the system. This means the system can be up and running for general use very early on, thereby reducing amortisation periods
    • We support you with initial data feed with data preparation, modularization and data migration into the new system. This means the system can be up and running for general use very early on, thereby reducing amortisation periods
    • We train your editors, colleagues, administrators and, where applicable, third-party companies or suppliers at your location.

    Depending on your requirements, we can operate the system for you, ensuring availability and access and protecting the data. We are also a reliable partner for all queries regarding safe operation of the system. This reduces complexity and offers you a clear partner for both support and operation of your system.

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