The services of TANNER Vietnam at a glance
At many points, information processes within and between companies can be managed only by automated solutions. Systems and software tools are available for this, and our staff of more than 30 years integrators and software developers in Germany and Vietnam are familiar with them. This allows our clients to structure information, record it effectively and make it available via our media to the various users in combinations which create added values.

Document Management System (DMS)

  • For project-related documentation, a simple directory structure in the file structure often suffices. However, thousands of Office documents, PDFs or graphics files in various states of revision and version statuses quickly collect there.

    Only with a very large amount of manual editorial effort can the correct version of a single document be found. The effort for the compilation of all relevant documents for a concrete product can easily endanger delivery dates and quality standards.

    A document management system (DMS) provides relief. It includes a central platform on which all relevant information can be efficiently versioned, exchanged, revised and published in direct cooperation via short information routes. We would be happy to support you in finding the correct document management system and adapting it to your individual needs.

    Our process:
    • We analyze your existing data pool and your documentation processes and support you in planning new business processes and key indicators for the adherence to desired objectives or regulations.
    • On the basis of your functional and organizational job specifications, we carry out system selection based on verifiable criteria.
    • As the overall project leader, we take care of the on-time installation and configuration of the document management system, the creation of the publication layout, the programming of interfaces and additional functions.
    • Following the final system test, the turn-key document management system can be integrated in your own IT infrastructure or provided for use as "software as a service" (SaaS). In the latter case, we assume day-to-day operation and see to ongoing monitoring and smooth support.
    • We support you during data migration or initial data feed. We prepare your legacy data, assign it to the new storage and workflow structures according to predefined criteria (metadata) and import it into the new document management system.
    • We document the new processes and convey them to your editors, colleagues, administrators and if necessary third parties or suppliers.

    Your advantages:

    • Based on a pool of relevant reference projects, we offer you sound technical support and product-neutral consultation regarding designing an efficient solution based on your needs.
    • We know the requirements for preparing technical documentation in detail as well as the characteristics of numerous leading IT systems (like ERP, PIM, PLM). This enables us to ensure efficient system integration for you.
    • We deliver an individually tailored complete solution based on standard systems for your information management.
    • We will be pleased to support you in implementing the document management system and the new business processes to an extent which allows you to concentrate fully on your value-adding core competence.
    • With the implementation of a document management system, the preparation of documentation, therefore expediting your "time to market". Translation and preparation costs can be lowered. In addition, a continuous editorial process ensures the transparency of your business processes and their quality.
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